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Uzbek rating services market is intensively developing. In a market economy and rapid development of business and entrepreneurship, the interest for objective and reliable financial and business information of enterprises and companies significantly increased.


Our Agency is constantly engaged in research activities in various financial sectors, as well as in different industries. Based on such research the Agency regularly prepares reviews, analytical materials and articles on relevant markets. During research the Rankings of market participants and TOPs of leading participants on various criteria and indicators are formed.


TV-monitoring is one of the main activities of the Agency on media monitoring. TV-monitoring allows advertisers to monitor advertisements aired on TV, which is very important in evaluating the effectiveness of advertising campaigns on TV. There is a monitoring group within the Agency that runs and forms the monitoring results database.


The Agency regularly conducts research to analyze the status and development of financial markets and other economic sectors. On the basis of research results the Agency produces surveys, analytical materials, articles, and other information useful for actors of relevant markets and the general public.

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