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The Agency's rating activities

Uzbek rating services market is intensively developing. In a market economy and rapid development of business and entrepreneurship, the interest for objective and reliable financial and business information of enterprises and companies significantly increased.

All market actors – proprietors (shareholders), investors, banks, stock exchanges, suppliers, buyers, insurance companies and others are interested in an unambiguous assessment of competitiveness and reliability of its partners and clients. Rating as the most effective tool has facilitated this task.

Classic rating - an assessment of the ability and willingness of a business entity to fulfill on time and in full, its obligations to customers and investors.

At present, with the development of the economy and in particular, of financial sector, information transparency of companies and financial institutions has become important. Transparency of a company or a financial institution provides a significant competitive advantage to consumers, customers and investors. Companies and financial institutions also require objective information. The tool, which resolves all above problems is the financial reliability rating (credit rating).

Given that our agency started to provide rating services in 2004 as an independent rating agency. For the first time a pilot project "Rating Uzbek insurance companies" in the general insurance sector was launched in the country. The aim of the project was the assignment of ratings to insurance companies based on financial stability and reliability criteria. Specifically for this activity in the structure of the Agency was created a department that deals with financial analysis and rating.

Today we are a professional team providing a wide range of consulting services

It should be noted that it was our Agency that for the first time in Uzbekistan has developed and implemented the national rating scale. The main difference of the Agency’s techniques from international is that the scale focuses on Uzbek realities.


The basic principle of reliability rating techniques is based on a comparison of its performance in each of the considered factors with the average for the national insurance market and to identify factors that both positively and negatively affect the ability to pay. This approach allows us to move away from the "ideal" characteristics and identify the most reliable company in the existing conditions.


At present, the Agency has developed, implemented and improved rating techniques of the following companies:


- Insurance and reinsurance companies;

- Banks;

- Leasing companies;

- Universities;

- Enterprises.


The Agency’s main advantages:

- Agency is independent of financial market players and state authorities, which is undoubtedly reflected in the quality of services provided;

- Agency prepares a detailed report for every issuer, which can be used in negotiations with potential clients or investors;

- Agency publishes ratings and rating reports in the media, helping to create a positive image and of rated companies and promote rating services.

- After assigning rating the Agency also undertakes to cover rating results through its own media.

It should be noted that the independent rating score is nowadays a modern effective tool in communicating information about the condition and reliability of a company in a simple and understandable language for the general public . Also having a rating reflects the financial transparency of a company, as it provides all the data about financial condition to the rating agency. In addition, the rating score is used by companies in PR and advertising campaigns.

The right to distribute information on rating results changes in the techniques, scales and other rating activities of SAIPRO Information and rating agency are transferred UzReport Information Agency.

Detailed information about the rating methods, scales and procedures can be found here.

The latest information on assigned ratings can be found here.

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