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The Agency regularly conducts research to analyze the status and development of financial markets and other economic sectors. On the basis of research results the Agency produces surveys, analytical materials, articles, and other information useful for actors of relevant markets and the general public.

For research, the Agency has a Department of Financial Analysis and Rating, which is staffed with professional analysts and experts in finances and sectors of economy. Regular research is conducted in the following areas:

- insurance market of Uzbekistan, world insurance and reinsurance market ;

- banking sector of Uzbekistan, international banking system;

- leasing market of Uzbekistan, international leasing market;

- Stock market, Mercantile Exchange, Real Estate Exchange , and others;

- Money transfer systems market;

- TV advertising market;

- Media monitoring (monitoring of TV, Internet content and media);

- Other sectors of the economy.

The right to distribute information, surveys and research prepared by SAIPRO Information and rating agency are transferred UzReport Information Agency.

Recent research can be found here.


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